The Organized School Year™

Launching students from hot mess to academic success

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Thrive in School On your Terms. 

Tired of telling your kiddo to get it together- without results? Let them create their own strategies. Let them create organizational systems that work for their brains. Get The Organized School Year™ -to help struggling students become rock star learners.

Online Video/Audio Modules

Kids can watch the videos, listen to the audio clips or read the transcripts at the beach or home. NO MORE TUTORING CENTERS!

Printable Workbook

Printable workbook to develop organizational strategies that work for your kiddos!

Rave Reviews 

"I learned study techniques that worked for my brain. I use them in my studying all them time!"

"Now I have skills that help me feel less overwhelmed and more productive"

"We can stop yelling and start praising our child's academic accomplishments! We are much happier this way."

— former student, 6th Grade

— former student, 11th grade

— Parent, 9th grade student

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The Creator of The Organized School Year™

Marni Pasch is the owner of Team Pasch Academic Coaching. After receiving a masters in counselor education, Marni decided to work with students one-on-one to acheive academic success.  

Additional credits include: 

 ICF accrediation in ADHD coaching 

Extensive course work in gifted education 

Host of the Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue 

Licensed Anti-Boring Approach Coach 

Member of CHADD, ASCA, ICF and ACOO