Sixth Grade Sucess Roadmap

Middle School is tough - but we lived through it! Let me tell you, things are A LOT different for our kiddos. 

Remember when we hid a diary under our mattress? Now secrets are hidden on burner phones and behind apps that look like calculators. It's like someone decided middle school wasn't tough enough and then added a layer of secrecy to it. 

Our kiddos are going to have a lot to figure out once they walk through the hallways of middle school. Let's look at how to make it easier. 

Get the lay of the land. Parents - this is the EASIEST step you can take. Imagine the difference between starting school not knowing where ANYTHING is vs knowing it's two rights and a left to the cafeteria?

Schedules are the key to an amazing year or a soul crushing first week. Did you take the steps to ensure your child has the best shot at getting their classes? 

Did you contact your child's current teacher to learn their input on where your child's strengths and weaknesses are - what questions should you ask? 

As parents, sometimes we are so frantically trying to get through THIS YEAR that we forget to prepare for the next one. What happens then? We end up in the exact same place!

The transition to middle school is a big one - more teachers, more work, first dances - let's help our kiddos rock out this new stage in life with confidence! Yes things are different, but one thing is for sure - our kiddos need us!

There is no rule that says the moment you walk through the halls of middle school that you are organized, prepared and a master of time management! Despite the access to social media,our children are NOT prepred for everything that middle school has to offer. They need a guide - and that guide is you!

 Let's find the ways to make this year a success!  


Middle School Succes Roadmap 

The Countdown has begun! Nervous about your child's transition to middle school? Not sure they are ready for more teachers, bigger schools, and increased resonsibility? Grab The Middle School Success Roadmap, a FREE plan to help you and your child prepare for the changes in middle school!

Created by trained school counselor and ICF certified academic coach, Marni Pasch.

Monthly tips and actions to help you tackle schedules, increased homework and more!

Grow your confidence about the transiton to middle school with monthly emails and audio segments to help you through the process!

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Why use a Roadmap? 

Remember the last time you travelled to that awesome new restaurant, and your GPS conked out? You panic! You're lost, you don't know if you will make your reservation AND everything you thought you knew is lost. 

You know, kinda like walking into middle school unprepared. 

The Middle School Roadmap has simple steps to help you become a more prepared parent as you help your child transition to middle school

So grab it for free. Watch for the emails with a breakdown of steps - and catch up - the countdown has already started!